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Geography Practical Waec 2015 Free Expo Runz

+Tuesday, 14th April, 2015:
Geography 3(Practical & Physical Geo)--- 2.00pm - 3.50pm


-Fold mountains
-Block mountains
-Volcanic mountains

-Tourist attractions;e.g are holiday resorts like Olumo rocks,Idanre hills and the swiss Alps
-Sources of rivers;e.g River Niger from the guinewa highlands
-Rocks from highlands are used for constructions;e.g rocks from shai hill were used to construct the tema harbour in Ghana
-Minerals;These are mined from the highlands e.gtin and columbite from jos

Climate can be defined as the average condition of a place over a long period of time e.g 35years

-Torrid zone;this zone is found within the tropics,the zone is very hot and it has a high temperature
-Temperate zone;this zone is found within the torrid and frigid zone,it has mild or moderate temperature and it has seasonal contrast in temperature
-Frigid zone;this zone is found in the polar regions,it is generally cold with low temperature throughout the year and it has a lot of ice caps in the greater larger part of the year

-It is very simple to understand
-it is objective
-it is quantitative because numerical values are used for defining boundries of climatic groups

Environmental hazards can be defined as the natural or human induced event which poses a serious danger or risk to the lives and properties of people in their environment
-Volcanic eruptions
-Soil erosion
-Earth quakes

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