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Man Kills Daughter’s Lover, Connives With DPO To Bury Corpse At Night

A middle-aged man named, Elewana Godwin
of River Basin Authority, 8 Miles Calabar has
been accused of shooting a 22 year old boy,
Douglas Ojugbo on March 10, 2015, for
allegedly sulking his daughter. Cross River
Watch reports:

Some neigbours who were physically
terrified and only managed to talk to
CrossRiverWatch about the incident, after
begging not to be named said, Mr. Elewana is
a very dangerous man and that they have
seen Douglas on a few occasions coming to
check on his daughter and that they have
seen the daughter accompanying Douglas
when he is leaving. One of the respondents
said they are aware that “the girl’s father had
warned the small boy not to come near the
daughter again. That is what we were made
to understand but the two of them could not
leave themselves and we hear that it is
because of that that the man decided to take
that horrible action.

“On that fateful evening, we saw the man
running after the boy who was panting and
running but the man caught up with him
around the basin authority gate there and
shot him with a gun. After shooting him, he
dragged him into his car and drove off. All of
us were running for our dear lives because
like I said that man is dangerous and
everyone around know him for that.”
CrossRiverWatch gathered that Mr. Elewana
shot Douglas in the arm and later gave him
another shot in the leg and allowed the boy
to bleed to death in his car after bundling him
into the car and drove the corpse to the
Federal Housing Police station in Calabar.

Authorities in the Federal Housing Police
Station in Calabar were also not willing to talk
to CrossRiverWatch as the issue is said to
have shaken the police personnel in the
station terribly. A senior police officer in the
station told our reporter privately that they
cannot say exactly what transpired between
the DPO and Mr. Elewana when the DPO
ordered that the corpse of 22 year old
Douglas which was driven into the station by
Mr. Elewana around to 5pm, be buried in a
hurry by 8pm at Goldie Cemetry without any
autopsy or investigation and without
veryfying the parents of the deceased.

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