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Is sex a prove of love?

Many people around the world confuse love and
sex to mean the same thing.
Love has been confused for so many things
some people say it’s a beautiful feeling others say
it’s magical. Love can be defined by anyone
according to their understanding. If you read
the book of 1st corinthians13 you will
clearly understand what love means. Never
confuse love for infatuation for love and
there is no such thing as love at first
sight,love grows, love is like a child when
nurtured and taken care of it grows. You can
only be attracted to someone at first sight. Love is
more than a beautiful feeling.

Now let me give you my own definition of love
according to this topic “love is when you take
away sex,kissing,and petting from a
relationship and you are still crazy about
each other”
let’s not forget that understanding love takes
maturity, it doesn’t take age to love but the
maturity of one’s mind.

Love has so many qualities you can’t say you
love if you are not
patient,unselfish,caring,and sacrificial. Note
that love is unconditional.
Sex is something that many people are afraid to
talk about. Note that sex is a gift from God
given to a man and a woman and should only be
opened after the exchange of marital vows. Sex is
not dirty or evil, sex is beautiful , it was created
by God to help marriages progress. According to
the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary sex is
defined as a physical activity between two people
in which they touch each others sexual organs
and which may include sexual intercourse.

The Longman Dictionary also defines it as an
activity which two people do together to produce
babies or for pleasure, combining and mixing of
genetic tracts, often resulting in the specialization
of organisms into a male and female variety.

Please note that sex is very important in a
relationship but sex is not a relationship.

Books, movies and music has twisted our minds
into believing that having sex is the key thing in a
relationship if that’s so, why all the break-ups and
divorce. Romantic books makes you feel that
when you have sex with someone, they fall in
love with you and you live happily ever after.

Open your eyes that is fiction this is the real
world. Women end up suffering when it comes
to this, they are emotional when it comes to sex
they quickly believe that they are in love and if the
love is not returned it turns into heart break.

facts about love and

-sexual attraction is not love
-you can have sex with someone you
-sex is not love and never will be
-women are more emotional than men during sex
-Real love doesn’t demand sex as evidence
-sex is not food so you can live without it
-sex is much more dangerous than love
-you can’t make someone love by having sex
-A relationship built on sexual attraction will crumble faster than you can say “Jack

Ladies any man that is asking you for sex to
prove your love is only trying to destroy you.

Now what if you get pregnant and he leaves you?
Are you ready to become a single mom, can you
live with the fact that you aborted your baby or
that you gave him away at birth or can you keep
lying to your child that his father is dead. It’s not
worth it.

That’s why i recommend sex in marriage
only. A man that truly loves you will never
ask you to do something you don’t want to
do. Don’t forget that sexual desire is not an
evidence of love. Sit down and think, after
giving him sex does he stay with you
forever? Before accepting to have sex in a
relationship think about the consequences,
about your self and your future and make
show that is what you want

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