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Cheapest data subscription codes for all networks

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Recently, we Android users are being faced
with the problem of which data plan to use
on our data sucking devices. It is no news
that Airtel Network (The most commonly
used data plans for Android devices) has
reduced or stopped most of their plans
working on Android phones. Airtel Nigeria
definitely stopped some of their plans but
not all. In this post, am going to be list all of
their data plans that still work on All kind of

Cheapest MTN, GLO, Etisalat and Airtel Data
Plans that is best used for your Androids

1. MTN Nigeria : No doubt MTN is the big
in this game and I must confess there Data
plan is the most cheapest as at the time of
this post and have better coverages in
almost all the 36 States in Nigeria. With the
MTN N2500 for 3gb+1.5gb delight plan,
go it the cheapest data recommendation
from me. Now check below and have a

N2500 for 4.5GB for 30days dial *102#
(MTN night plan)
N1300 for 325MB for 30days dial *109#
N2000 for 750MB for 30days dial *110#

2. Globacom Nigeria : Glo is our home base
telecommunications company owned by a
Nigerian. it has a wide coverage with
superb internet speed, most areas it covers
has 3G services, and as an indigenous
company we all have expected to see them
slash down data plan costs, but seems to
one of the most expensive data plan with
the best Network coverage.

N1000 for 350MB for 30days dial
N2000 for 800MB for 30days dial

3. Etisalat : Etisalat is a UAE based
telecommunications service provider,
currently in 18 countries, there services in
Nigeria is a bit good, as most people who
use data plan from this company will
confess the speed they offer is
incomparable with its counterparts, even if
you have EDGE service you might still be
to get top speed almost comparable to 3G
speed from other service providers.

N1000 for 200MB dial *229*2*1#
You can also check for Etisalat 5min. for
N15 Unlimiuted Browsing

Note : The Etisalat BIS has stopped working
on non
blackberry devices so don’t waste your

4. Airtel Nigeria: Airtel Nigeria has always
being the one with a bit more flexible data
plans and they seems not to be too hash
with their policies but recently, they seems
to change their mind concerning being
flexible. coverage is wide, not sure but I
think they have 3.75G data services
everywhere you find them, internet speed
can be annoying at times and other times
you get a good speed.
Airtel BIS plan that works on other Devices

Airtel 1GB Data bundle of
#1200( *440*4#)
Airtel 2GB Data bundle of #1500
Airtel 80MB Data bundle of #100
( *440*18#)
Please Note again: You need to check this
post here (Airtel Reduces its Data Plans )to
understand how Airtel Data Plans works
For those that will like to use the MTN night
plan of N2500 for 3gb+1.5gb extra, my
post will be on how to use the MTN night
plan during the day.

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