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LADIES: Proposing To Your Future Husband; Would You Do It?

So the trend has been
catching on recently, and
there’s been a few pictures
floating around with woman
proposing to their future
husbands and life partners
etc. Now the discussion has
gone in all kinds of directions
recently on social media with
some men and women
claiming it’s the role of the
man to propose, and some
even going as far as saying it’s
insulting for a woman to get
on her knees and propose.
Even some of the strong
feminists are not buying that
whole, women proposing to
men p. Some others have said
in a way it’s putting the power
in the hands of the woman,
and takes away from that
“waiting for him to
propose” idea that keeps
women waiting for the man to
step up. So if she’s ready,
what’s wrong with her asking
and popping the question.
Me? I absolutely have no
problem with it. I wish my
madam had proposed to me
and got me ring self. I would
saved some change to use
and buy new motor. LOL. I’m
kidding biko (in case she reads
this) Anyways, it up you guys
to answer. Ladies, would you
propose to a man? Fellas,
how do you feel about your
woman proposing to you?
Let’s hear it.

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Posted By KellyChi On 01:26 Mon, 28 Jul 2014

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