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Women Who Eat Apples Daily May Have Better s*x, Study

Eating the forbidden fruit of an apple tree may be even racier than the Bible says. Women who eat one to two apples a day experience a better s*xual quality of life than women classified as having “no regular apple consumption,” according to a new study in the Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Scientists followed 781 Italian women aged 18 to 43 with no history of s*xual disorder and who were not taking prescription meds or suffering from depression, and learned that those who eat apples regularly had better “lubrication and overall s*xual function.”

The researchers didn’t establish causation—it’s possible, for instance, that women who eat more apples are healthier overall, which contributes to better s*xual function. But, like chocolate and red wine, apples contain polyphenols and antioxidants, which can increase blood flow to the private partia, as well as phloridzin, a type of estrogen similar to the female s*x hormone estradiol that improves vaginal lubrication, reports the Huffington Post.

Some of these benefits may lie only in the peel of the apple, and researchers say it “might be interesting to evaluate” what role apple peels play in female se*uality, reports Salon.

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