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Man Arrested For Stripping unclad During “On The Run Concert”

I think we can all agree that concerts can get pretty hot and hectic sometimes, but a man by the name of Mike Larry took things to a whole new level. Thousands, along with the Queen Bee herself, spotted Larry unclad at the “On the Run” tour during her last performance at the M&T stadium in Baltimore.

One of the concert goers who happened to be standing right next to the unclad man stated: “I saw the man start taking his clothes off, but Beyoncé was performing ‘Partition’ so I honestly thought it was a part of the show. Everybody knows that Beyoncé has been very freaky and eccentric with her new found image.”

Since then we have been able to contact the infamous concert goer in attempt to find out just exactly what was going through his mind, if anything at all.

“I am being punished for getting comfortable and being myself. I didn’t think I would have gotten myself in this much trouble given that, I was just trying to catch the Queen Bee’s attention. Sure, I may not be Beyoncé …but I can be. She did have her whole b*tt out and much more during the show.”

The interview was cut short in safety for our BLASTDATASS staff. Although the man was clear of any drug usage the alcohol off his breath was noticed from across the room.

Hopefully no other crazy events will take place for the remainder of the tour.

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Posted By kellychi On 10:03 Thu, 10 Jul 2014

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