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CRK NECO Answers 2014

Verified CRK OBJ:
1-10: Daccecdcba
11-20: Dadbabdbca
21-30: Bededababe
31-40: Cdabbaacad
41-50: Bceacbacbe
51-60: Baebdcdadd

Theory below...

a)Dignity is the honour and respect attached to
a particular thing.Dignity of labour is therefore
the respect and honour attached to all kinds of
honest work people do for a living.Dignity of
labour has to do with one being proud of the
work one is doing for a living and being
prepared to work to the best of ones ability
and knowledge to ensure the progress of the
society on which one lives.Christians must
work harder whatever they do for living and
they should avoid laziness,indolence and
begging.In st. paul's epistle to the
Thessalonians he warned them against laziness
and indolence.He advised that christians should
work hard for their living and avoid
begging.Paul called their attentions to when he
was with them.He did not depend on church
money for his substenance,he worked for his
living though it was right for him to rely on the
church,he chose to work so that they might
emulate his good example.Paul further
reminded the Thessalonians of the comand he
gave them when he was with them. if anyone
will not work let him not eat He living on
idleness,parading themselves as busy
bodies.st. paul said anyone who would not
work should be avoided so that he must be
ashamed of himself although such a fellow
should not be treated as enemy

9b)i)The need for serving God happily without
murmuring and grudging
ii)The need for christians to contribute
meaninfully to the development and other
project of the church
iii)The need for a life to be a source of
motivation of other people around them

4a)Jesus entry into Jerusalem is called in the
scripture as a triumphal entry because the
movement was a glorious one.The three
synoptic gospel writers however recoreded
the event.According to mattew,when jesus
drew near jerusalem and came to Bethphage
to the mount olive,he sent two disciples into
the village where they would find an ass tied
and colt with her.He instructed the to untie it
and bring it up to him and if anybody
challenged them,they should say,the lord has
need of it.The disciples went as did has Jesus
commanded them.they brought the ass and
he rode on it.A section of the crowd spread
their garments on the road and others cut
branches from the trees and spread them on
the road.The crowd that went before him and
the one that followed him shouted [Hossana to
the son of David blessed is he who comes in
the name of the lord,Hossana in the highest]
(mattew 21:9-10).Luke in his account added that
that the pharisees in the multitude said to
him,rebuke your desciples.He answered,"I tell
you if these were silent,the very stones would
cry out"

i)Jesus riding an ass showed him as a prince of

ii)Jesus decision to use a young ass on which
nobody had ridden signified the sacredness of
his mission

iii)The triumphal entry was in fulfilment of the
prophecy of Zachariah

iv)The christians presently mark his triumphal
entry into Jerusalem as palm sunday

David committed adultery with
Bathsheba,Uriah's wife and had a child.For this
reason,God was displeased and God sent
prophet Nathan who decreed the death of the
child and the child was struck with
illness.When David realised that God was
displeased,He interceded for the life of the child
and fasted and laid upon the
ground.Meanwhile the intercession and
admonition of the elders did not change Gods
anger and the child died on the seventh
day.Out of fright the servant could not report
to David lest he harmed himself but later the
news was reported to him.On hearing hearing
the news he rose and had his bath,annointd
himself and changed his appavel,he went to
the temple,worshipped God for answering his
prayer and requested for food.His servant
were surprised at his behaviour.However
David fasted wept so that God would reverse
his intention to take the son's lifebut
unfortunately the child died he thought fasting
is no more necessary.David summed up his
courage and believed that He could go to the
child but the child could no more come to him

Man should fear and respect God and submit
to his will as David did

ii)Mna should be ready to accept the will of God
in their lives

iii)True repentance and forsaking of sins always
attract Gods favour and mercy


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