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The Great Power Of Aloe Vera To Beautify Your Skin

ACCORDING to legends, Cleopatra swore on the
powers of pure aloe vera gel, honey and milk.

She used those three ingredients regularly. She
was the Egyptian Beauty that so many looked up
to and wondered what she did to keep such
beautiful skin.
When visiting Egypt in 2012 I discovered what
Egyptians prefer to put on their skin. It seems as
they stay to the natural ingredients that once
Cleopatra and Nefertete had used thousands of
years ago. In spas they still offer milk and honey
baths and the local people do massage their own
skin with different oils and aloe vera sap. So, as
far as skincare traditions go, not much has

The aloe vera plant, which is a native plant of
Northern Africa, is one of the oldest known
medicinal plants. The gel-like substance that is
known for its many wonderful healing benefits is
extracted from the leafs of the aloe vera plant.

While the gel of the aloe vera plant can be taken
internally to softly cleanse out impurities and
improve our overall vitality, the gel also heals skin
conditions and if applied onto our face gives us
immediate beautifulo skin.

This all natural "beauty serum" with over 250
nutrients and vital substances supplies the skin
with moisture and restores youthful elasticity and
freshness. Thel gel also contains acemannan, a
natural healing compound also known as the
fountain of youth ingredient.

Aloe Vera Gel
penetrates through all seven layers of the skin
providing nutrition skindeep and then some
more. It naturally moisturizes and provides the
skin with plenty of nutrition protecting it and even
keeping harmful bacteria out. Over 200
compounds found in this natural skincare
product will give the skin back what the years
took away.

A Beauty Elixir and a Cure for many Skin Ailments

Our face is particularly susceptible to irritation and
allergies. The beneficial biosubstances of pure
Aloe Vera are the ideal combination of ingredients
to nourish and beautify the face and body. As
soon as you apply this pure gel to your face and
neck you will notice a healthy glow. The aloe
vera sap won't only supply your skin with
moisture and elasticity. It cleans and detoxifies it.

It is recommended to clean your face with water
or an aloe-vera-based cleanser and then apply the
gel and let it do its magic. It will also make a
wonderful base for your make-up.

Aloe Vera Leaf Gel will reduce and even eliminate
redness due to allergies and give you beautiful
skin. But the leaf gel of the Aloe can do even
more : it speeds up the healing of sunburns, it
reduces itching, reduces the symptoms of herpes
around lips and calms down itchy scalp.

Acne sufferers might find this ancient skin care
product to be very helpful in reducing the
severity as it regulates the hormonal imbalance
and gives your skin a healthy glow. Aloe Vera
has also been used successfully in treating
psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Even men might
consider this pure gel after their daily shave. It
cools down the skin and heals cuts very rapidly.

Aloe Vera is also perfect for cuts, scrapes and
wounds. Keep applying the gel to the wound
repeatedly. It speeds up wound healing and
regenerates the skin almost without leaving a

Aloe Vera, as pure as you can get it

Due to the increase in its popularity, aloe vera
skincare products are availabe just about
everwhere. Unfortunately, most of the skin care
products don’t contain a large percentage of the
pure healing gel. A lot of companies use the
goodness of aloe vera to market their product but
how much aloe vera truly is contained in the
product is another question. For best results,
you need to choose a skincare product with its
main ingredient being pure aloe vera. If you have
an Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller Plant at home or
in your garden, you can cut off one leaf and
squeeze out the gel. Apply it to your face and
body. Once you start treating your face and skin
with pure aloe vera gelly, whether it is from your
garden or from a responsible grower and
manufacturer you will soon notice amazing

For even better results consider a gentle body
detox using pure aloe vera juice and following a
ph-balanced food plan. When you feed your
body alkaline foods and help it eliminate old build-
up you will not only notice a difference the way
you feel. You hair and skin will show noticable
changes as well.

The Aloe Vera Gel I use is about as close to
nature as you will find any aloe vera gel product.
It is very versatile. You can use it for your face.
It immediately rejuvenates tired skin giving it a
youthful glow. Apply it onto your skin before
going outside to protect yourself from bugs. Use
it after you have been biten by a bug. Put it onto
your skin after a sunburn. Your skin will
regenerate at a much faster rate. Aloe Vera gelly
is also a perfect after-shave ointment. It cools
burns and prevents excessive irritation. Aloe Vera
gelly can also be mixed with three other natural
ingredients to make a wonderful anti-wrinkle


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