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I NEED TO KNOW: How Long Should You Date Before Allowing $EX ? [18+ Only]

Many times I’ve heard people discuss this.

Almost no one seems to have any generally acceptable point other than “No s*x before marriage.”

But then we do know that people have s*x in nearly every relationship, even without the prospects of marriage in place.

Now, if two people start a relationship, how long should they ‘study‘ each other before allowing the intimacy of s*x to come into play?

Some people have started relationships with s*x right on the first meeting while others have delayed s*x until it just happens or the relationship ends.

If you ask guys, most of them will say they want it right here and now, anytime – some sat this is because they are the ones funding the average relationship. So they want value for money quickly.

Girls on the other hand are more likely to want an extended period – because they are the ones on the receiving end(?) and s*x is theirs to give or not.

datelines, For me, s*x should just happen, not by timelines or schedules. It should just happen when it happens.

But then that is just my opinion…

wapbazians So I ask, how long would you require to know someone before s*x becomes a possibility?

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Posted By kellychi On 08:26 Sun, 08 Jun 2014

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