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I can see you are already glued to your Phablet screen
waiting to read what I’ll write next but I’m going to
shock you real hard with this because it’s what you leas
expected. Relax and don’t be scared, you are going to
enjoy the ride.
Before you continue reading, walk down the road and
get a chill bottle of Yoghourt cos it will help quench you
taste while reading the below..

Back to business, I’d
wanted to write a review on the best data plan for June
but Glo seems to be the best alltime for now. I know yo
are all aware that glo gives 3gb for1k on their bis but
I’m going to amaze you with what I’m about to share
with you.
Airtel 2in1only gives you 2GB to last for 60days; you
and I know it won’t even last you upto 14days. This glo
data subscription I’m about to share is not a tweak but
simple common sense.
How Can I Activate Glo 6gb for 2K?
One thing I love about this is that Glo don’t roll over
unused data but when you make another subscription
before the data date expire, your unused data will be
roll over starting from the date your initial data was to
I m*de a subscription few days ago having 1GB left of
my data to expire in 15days time (as at then), the new
data was activated Making 4gb plus 30days added to
the 15days meaning my active data will expire in
45days time.
This is the trick, Subscribe for Glo Bis by sending
Comonthto777on your bb phone, #1,000 will be
charged and it will be activated for you.

Few hours later,
load another 1k and sub again, it will be activated and
your new data expiration date will be extended to
60days with your 6gb intact.
To check your data balance,dial *777*0#. Can This
Work On PC, Android & iPhone? This will only work on P
& iPhone if you tether it with your Hotspot from bb10.
But there are different procedures to make it work on
Android. I’ll share one here while the other, it a risky
To Use Glo Bis on Android, do the following
==>Insert glo sim in a bb phone(bb must be on 3g)
==>send comonth to 777 and. wait for some mins to
receive activation message (3072mb).
==>Browse with the bis on that bb for like 3mins ( you
can even download)
==>off the bb and remove the sim.
==>Insert the sim inside your android.
==>Configure your droid with blackberry.net and
activate it.
==>Switch on your data connection (H won't display
==>Off your android again and remove the sim inside
your bb (make sure the APN is set to blackberry.net ).
==>Insert the sim inside bb again(make sure it’s on 3g
here also and display bb sign beside it) browse for som
mins (download if possible)
==>The return it back to your android and keep

Enjoy and dont forget to drop your comment

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