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SPECIMEN A - Hook & Line
SPECIMEN B - Ranging pole
SPECIMEN C - Spanner
SPECIMEN E - Measuring tape
SPECIMEN F - Leaves with patches of Chlorosis
SPECIMEN G - Centipede
SPECIMEN I - Cowpea seeds affected by weevil
SPECIMEN J - Yam tuber affected by beetles
SPECIMEN K - Variegated Grasshopper
SPECIMEN L - Tomato Fruit
SPECIMEN M - A Chunk of meat (fresh)
SPECIMEN N - Fresh Milk
SPECIMEN O - Feather

1a) Identify specimen A,B,C,D,E
Specimen A ----------------- Hook and Line
Speciman B ----------------- Ranging pole
Specimen C ----------------- Spanner
Specimen D ----------------- Hoe
Specimen E ----------------- Measuring tape

1b) Uses of the specimen Specimen A:
*For catching fish

Specimen B:
*For measuring distance
*For measuring offset

Specimen C:
*For tighting bolts
*For loosening bolts
Specimen D:
*for weeding
Specimen E:
*For measuring distance
*For taking offset

1c) Describe specimen B & D

Specimen B : has pointed end, it it painted red and white in an alternate band in order to be visible during survey

Specimen C: has open end that is used to tight Nuts

1d) Mention 2 specimen above for survey
(i)Measuring tape
(ii)Ranging pole

(2a) Identify F,G,H
Specimen F ----------------- Leave with particles of chlorosis
Specimen G ----------------- Centipede
Specimen H ----------------- Clay

2b) List micro-nutrient that can cause F
(I) Zinc
(ii) Iron
(iii) Boron
(Iv) Cobalt

2c) Mention ways in which specimen G can contribute to formation of rock
(I) It improves the texture of soil
(ii) It improve soile structures
(iii) It helps to accumulate sediments of soil

2d) List the Effect of H on soil profile development
(I) It has fire particles
(ii) It forms lumps
(iii) It swell when wet and cake when dry
(Iv) It has high water retaining capacity

2e) Sandy soil

2f) Give example of metamorphic rock formed from sp H
(I) Slate
(ii) Marble
(iii) Quarzite

2g) state other insect that can perform the same purpose as G
(I) Millipede

3a) Identify specimen I, J, K, and L
Specimen I ----------------- Cowpea seed affected by weevil
Specimen J ----------------- Yam tuber affected by beetle
Specimen K ----------------- Variegated grasshopper
Specimen L ----------------- Tomatoe fruit

3b) Name the pest that can cause damage to specimen I and J
Specimen I: weevil
Specimen J: beetle

3c) state the effect of specimen K on crop plant
* it reduces the quality of crop
* it reduce the market value of crop
* it reduce the quality of crops

the following are just questioons so you will get the answers yourself

4a)Identify specimen M,N and O.
Specimen M------ Chunck of Meat
Specimen N----------Fresh Milk
Specimen O---------Feather

4b) State one farm animal each from which specimen M,N and O can be obtained.

4c)IN what way can specimen N be made fit for human consumption.
* Filtering and cooling

4d)Enumerate three products into which specimen N can be processed.
* Milk
* Cheese
* Yogurt

4e)State two importance of specimen o to the animal
* It prevents cold from entering the body
* It is used for flying

4f)State three economic importance of specimen N to man
* For consumption
* It is a source of income when sold
* They supplies nutrients to the body e.g calcium & Protein


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