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akpos was in a taxi then a gurl enter

I was in dis taxi wen she came in.
I said: 'hi, good day' she just looked at me;
snubbed n didn't reply.
I am greeting u: i said! and so what!: she
As d car moved, i offered her d chocolate i
was eating n she gave me"mtcheeew' as a
response den I quietly kept to myself. When
we got
to GRA, she dropped before me wit her big
hand bag looking beautiful i must confess.
Shortly i heard a pinging sound of a
blackberry then
i looked down and saw a blackberry torch
in- between d seat wit her beautiful face on
d screen. Quickly, I stopped; boarded yet
cab and rushed back to d junction were she
Luckily, I saw her entering a fast food joint.
Then, I humbly called her: hello! hello!!
Then she stopped and looked back standing
at d entrance door of d fast food. The
moment she saw me, she waved her head n
in d public
she said: look at how st*pid u are...so cos of
a girl u stopped at were u re not suppose to
stop: Idiot! She went inside not knowing
that I
came to give her, her phone.
Wat would u have done if u were in my
shoes?... Even till now, the Phone is still with
me. several missed calls..nt picking..mayb it
myt b her.. Am confused, i don't know what
to do with the phone. Some1 shuld pls

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