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Norwich City pay price of relegation – like no longer being last up on Match of the Day

The price of relegation is many-
The effect on the bank balance is
obvious and with Saturday’s
Championship play-off final having
been described as the ‘£90million
game’ (or £75m or £110m or even
£150m, depending on who you
believe) you don’t need to be an
accountant to understand its impact.
But it’s the smaller things that
hammer it home. Like when the
BBC website strikes you from its list
of Premier League clubs and dumps
you in their Championship section.
Or when Adrian Durham stops
sticking the boot in. Or when Jim
White stops giving two hoots about
players linked with your club.
There is also the ignominy of having
to face those over whom you’ve been
lording it for the last three seasons.
In the midst if their brief stopover
in the Championship in 2010/11,
City famously aggregated a 9-2 win
over neighbours Ipswich Town. Since
the 5-1 away-win in the ‘second leg’
Norwich fans have understandably
made hay.
Barely a day has passed when the
subject hasn’t arisen. ’1p5wich’ has
become part of the everyday
vernacular and is now on the cusp of
being incorporated in the Oxford
English dictionary.
Equally our long term rivalry with
the Old Gold of the Black Country
has caused many a smirk,
particularly when the the phrase
One Wolverhampton Wanderers’ has
been uttered from the mouths of Sky
Sports’ finest.
And then there was Leeds United.
The same Leeds who became our
‘feeder club’ due to their propensity
to provide us with a steady stream of
midfield and striking talent. To
Norwich City, they became the gift
that keeps on giving and we lapped
it up for all it was worth.
And while it was only right that with
the three aforementioned rivals in
our metaphorical wake we would
squeeze out every last drop of mirth,
we now have to accept that halcyon
time is at an end.
We begin next season on an equal
footing with all three. No bonus
points for being debt-free. No head-
start for having a squad with
Premier League experience. No ‘first-
leg’ leads to defend.
The 9-2 will, in a few months time,
be nothing more than the stuff of
legend; our feeder club will be
Norwich City Under-21s (as was
always the case of course) and
Wolves will kick-off on the same
pitch with the same number of
Everything up for grabs. Just how it
should be.
And if that means having to miss
out on the joys of mockery from Gary
Lineker and Alan Shearer, being on
the receiving end of half-truths from
Robbie Savage, being last on Match
of the Day and being derided by the
twisted mind of Danny Mills then I
can’t wait.

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Posted By bobricky On 10:11 Sat, 31 May 2014

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