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NigerianMilitary Locates AbductedSchoolgirls

More than six weeks since over
276 schoolgirls were kidnapped
the Boko Haram insurgents at
the Government Girls Secondary
School in Chibok, Borno State,
the Nigerian military might have
finally discovered where the girls
are being kept.
The Punch online reports that
the Chief of Defence Staff, Air
Marshal Alex Badeh, has stated
that the Nigerian security
leadership has located where
members of Boko Haram are
holding the abducted girls who
were kidnapped on April 14.
It was also stated that Badeh
said the military would not use
force to rescue the girls in order
not to prevent the terrorists from
killing them.
The military boss was said to
have made this statements while
receiving a solidarity rally
organised by the Citizens
Initiative for Security Awareness,
led by its National Coordinator,
Mr. Chidi Omeze, outside the
Defence Headquarters, Abuja on
* The abducted schoolgirls
Badeh was quoted to have said
that the Nigerian military had
the capacity to bring back the
abducted girls but are restrained
because they do not want to use
He added that the military knew
what it was doing and implored
that Nigerians, and the world at
large, should allow them to
continue with their work.
Badeh opined that the military
would not go and get the girls
killed in desperation of bringing
them back.
He said: “We want our girls
back,; we want our girls back; we
can do it, our military can do it
but where they are held, can we
go with force?
* Chief of Defence Staff, Badeh
“If we go with force, what will
happen? (they will kill them). So
nobody should come and say the
Nigerian military does not know
what it is doing. We know what
we are doing, we can’t go and
kill our girls in the name of
trying to get them back. So we
are working.
“The good news for the girls is
that we know where they are but
we cannot tell you, we cannot
come and tell you military
secrets here. Just leave us alone,
we are working, we would get the
girls back.”
When asked by newsmen on what
he meant that the military would
not use force to release the
abducted girls, Badeh was silent.
On recovery of arms and
ammunition by the military in
various parts of the country, the
CDS said the arms are alien to
the Armed Forces.
He said that some foreigners
were supporting the insurgents,
adding that the President had
said there were Al-Qaeda in West
CISA Coordinator, Chidi Omeje,
said they represented ordinary
Nigerians on the street who
realised that no nation can stand
on its own without a strong
This latest discovery is coming
after the Nigeria government has
said it would not negotiate with
the Boko Haram sect on the
release of the schoolgirls.
The leader of the terror group,
Abubakar Shekau had stated that
he would only release the girls in
exchange for 'his brethren'
captured by the Nigerian
Since that declaration, the
international communities which
include the US, the UK, France,
China and Canada have rallied
round the Nigerian government
to ensure that the kidnapped
schoolgirls regain their freedon

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