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2014/2015 June/July Neco SSCE Chemitry Practical Specimens and Apparatus Needed Available Here

Naijabams Academy Team has Fully Prepared To make this Upcoming Neco SSCE Exam a Successfull One for All Our Candidates Just as we Did Last Year.
These are the List Of Chemistry Specimens and Apparatus Needed for the Upcoming 2014 Neco SSCE Exam Released by the Exam Body On the 23rd Of May,2014.
Brought to you by Bams concept


(a) One burette 50cm^3
(b) One pipette, 20 or 25cm^3
How ever, all candidates in a centre must use
pipettes of
thesame volume
(c) The usual apparatus and reagent for qualitative
(i) Sodium hydroxide solution
(ii) Dilute ammonia solution
(iii) Dilute hydrochloric acid
(iv) Distilled water
(v) Dilute trioxonitrate(v)acid
(vi) Lime water
(vii) Red and blue litmus paper
(viii) Aqueous solution of potassium iodide
(ix) Potassium iodide solution
(e) Methyl orange
(f) One boiling tube
(g) Five test tubes
(h) Filtration apparatus

All its Likely Questions And Answers Coming Soon!!

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