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Free browsing is your right,how about that?
::.Yeah, am back to make it happen again, within 2 hours your Mtn Sim will
be h*cked to browse free, download unlimited, watch live tv, YouTube and other live streaming. It works with all browsing devices, Laptop/Desktop, Tablet, Android, iPhone, iPad, and all Others. But you must remember that in the game of Magic Tweak, risk and luck is involved. If you can’t risk it, dont try it.

No much story, straight to the point and we are out of here.

To Get Started With
This Tweak
1. Get a Mtn SIM(i prefer new sim) card which is on any plan.

2. Load the sum of #250 on it, nothing less, nothing much

3. Then, set your time to 0:00 and the date 12/12/2015. (Nokia torch light

4. Once you have recharged you sim with that amount, subscribe for the
Mtn 2hrs plan.
5. To subscribe, simply send ’2H’ to ’131′.

That’s not all oOo. Once you have subscribed for the 2hrs plan, then
browse with your SIM for that exact two hours without downloading and you would get a message that your plan is exhausted.

Please don’t panic at this point. Just send 104 to 131 and stay connected, youwould get a
confirmation message that you are still active and you have used 121mins. Start Flexing…

My friend Mtn SIM is floating in wonders, infact he is tired of browsing…
Guys that is it. No long story.

Like I said earlier that in the game of Magic Tweak, risk and luck is involved. If you can’t risk it, don’t try it.
So easy and simple, but risky.

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::.Don’t forget=:>

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