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Murihno: Lukaku is doing his best at Everton

The Portuguese heaped praise on
the Belgian forward, who has scored
15 goals in 32 games for the Toffees,
and also hailed Thibaut Courtois'
time at Atletico Madrid
Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is
pleased with young striker Romelu
Lukaku's "successful" loan spell at
The Blues forward looked set to push
for a breakthrough into the first
team this season before heading for
Goodison Park late in the summer
transfer window, where he has
scored 15 goals in 32 games across
all competitions.
With Atletico Madrid striker Diego
Costa on his way to Stamford Bridge
in the summer , Lukaku's future is
uncertain - with the Toffees and
Tottenham both interested in
a permanent move - but the
Portuguese recognises that he has
benefited from his time away.
"Romelu Lukaku had what I call a
successful loan," Mourinho told
Chelsea's official website.
"Sometimes players go on loan and,
at the end of the season, we cannot
find one positive reason for that
"But Lukaku played all the time -
apart from when he was injured - so
he has minutes of experience in the
Premier League in a good team, with
a good coach and scoring his goals.
"You can say the same thing about
Thibaut Courtois [at Atletico]. A
successful case of loans are the ones
we have to analyse.
"My final report [on the season,
given to the club on Monday] will
have in detail these kinds of cases.
"That's my job - to analyse things,
have an opinion and make my
"I have to work with the club and
respect the club's decisions but I
know clearly what I would like for
next season."
The Blues boss also praised Eden
Hazard, with whom he has disagreed
on tactics in public of late but who
was a standout player for both
Chelsea and the Premier League in
the opening months of the season.
Mourinho observed: "Eden has had a
big evolution in his game and a big
evolution in his personality. He had
a high that lasted for a long time -
many, many months.
"He couldn't finish on a high
because he was injured and in the
most important moment of the
season - for the second leg against
Paris, for the first leg against
Atletico - he was not there.
"Against Atletico in the second leg
he was there but not in top
condition. He wasn't there for the
last few matches of the Premier
League because of his injury but he
was clearly a player with a big
evolution and hopefully he will be
even better next season."
Cardiff City - Chelsea Preview: Blues
out to end disappointing season in
'Too soon' to discuss Lukaku's
Chelsea future, says agent
Manchester United lead race to sign
Southampton starlet Shaw
Tottenham star Paulinho confident of
sealing Chelsea switch
What i think will happen: Torres,
Eto'o, Demba Ba - two of this will be
send out of the club.
Lukaku and the "new striker" along
with the remaining pick from the
above referred three will be the
season strikers for 2014/2015. I
profoundly respect the opinions
stating that Mourinho over-defended
this season but i desagree that he
his typically a defensive coach
strongly. I believe that with two
good strikers he will play more like
he did at inter, control the pace of
the game and break it with fast
transitions to create chances. If
Hazard stays he will have less
rehabilitates leading the ball to
the 4-4-2 square or (4-3-1-2) and
the 4-2-3-1 will be his most routine
I still think that Chelsea needs a
new right or left back with Maicon
like characteristics: Tactically
responsible but able to constantly
break throw defences coming from
behind the winger.
PS I've said it before but I'll post it
again, the below stats are
Eto'o 34 goals in the last 3 seasons:
11 goals per season
Demba Ba 36 goals in the last 3
seasons: 12 goals per season
Torres 18 Goals in the last 3
seasons: 6 goals per season
(National Leagues only)
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Lukaku's Everton stats: 30 games 14
goals (he's above main squad
1 reply
Source: ESPN player stats
Good assessment man.
Publicity man.
Bring Him And Play Him .and make
him the New Drogba
Success? IF you would have him at
Chelsea you would be league winner
2-3 weeks before end!
1 reply
hala madrid!!!!!!
I think Lukaku has earned his
chance in the Chelsea rotation for
next season
3 replies
As a madridista , i think you are
hala madrid!!!!!!
2 replies
wanking.. it's so funny when REAL
1 reply
he is a barca fan... acting like a
madrid fan
Thanks to Mou, both of these Loan
Players(Courtois and Lukaku) don't
want to return to StanBUS Bridge.
Both decided to rather quit playing
football than play under GENIUS
1 reply
Agree with you
hala madrid!!!!!
send both out on loan again, genius.
also some stats in League matches
for Samuel Etoo since joining Anzhi
to Chelsea
Anzhi 2011/2012 22 matches 13
Anzhi 2012/2013 25 matches 10
Chelsea 2013/2014 21 matches 9
his league scoring stats for
2013/2014 in Chelsea was better
than previous year at Anzhi
2 replies
Another Genius.. just like Mou...
Chelsea fans are really really wise
RESPECT to you my friend..
1 reply
sarcasm (Sheldon Cooper voice)?..
40 prediction matches in 7 major
leagues and cups in the world with
high coefficient and success,
People who think Mourinho had
prolific striker in Torres who couldn't
score because of Park the Bus
tactics... these are some statistics
for you even before Torres joined
Chelsea and started under 'attaking
Ancelloti and ended with Attacking
Benitez before Mourinho..
Liverpool 2010–11[97] Premier
League 23 9
Chelsea 2010–11[97] Premier League
14 1
Chelssea 2011–12[105] Premier
League 32 6
Chelsea 2012–13[112][121] Premier
League 36 8
Chelsea 2013–14[191] Premier
League 27 4
Those are matches played and goals
scored for you... Obviously he was a
flopping player before joining
Chelsea and previous managers did
nothing to lift him up before Mou
had him at 29 when he couldn't
teach him anything new
pe28ople acting as though Demba is
a prolific striker and flopped under
2010–11 West Ham United Premier
League 13 7
2011–12 Newcastle United 36 16
2012–13 New Castle 22 13
2012–13 Chelsea 22 6
2013–14 Chelsea 29 8
Those are matches played and goals
scored for you... Obviously he was an
average player who started flopping
under Benitez
Clueless Mourinho haters
3 replies
Yes You're right nothing to do with a
both wingers playing at Full Backs
and Midfielders playing inches
ahead of CB's meanwhile a FOOKING
Striker is left alone in opposition
half waiting whole 90 Minutes for a
1 reply
So, since Torres and Ba's numbers
are almost the same before Mou,
then the teams they played for must
have employed exactly the same
setup you just described. Because as
you say, that is the reason for their
poor strike rate—from 2010 to 2014.
But Mou did not coach them from
So, their stats should be better
before Mou, since he always plays
his strikers as you described... every
single game... always... right?
When simple people are confronted
with science. They come back with
simple answers. You can do better.
Torres was soo bad a player.. so,
your team must have been full of
idiots to have dished out a fortune
for his services then.. haha
I respect Chelsea fans so much. This
is for you "RESPECT"
One Question though, how the FOOK
you guys survived watching such
boring football???
Chelsea matches>>>>>Man vs Wild
4 replies
the same way you survived watching
Barcelona and Bayern matches
2 replies
LMAO.. You watch football kid???
Farca don't even play tiki-taka $hit,
and Madrid fooked Bayern pretty
High Five
you know, i think you're one idiot...
it's stupid coaches like Mourinho
who make their games boring when
he keeps 10 men in the box... and
Barcelona.. are you for real?.. the
team regarded as the best club side
to have ever played?.. what sort of
an idiot are you?.. well, the last
time you said Chelsea has an
average age of less than 24.. so,
what do you know?..
I'm glad that most Chelsea loan's
are successful, Mou is a Genius...
Thanks to Mou, that is why
Abramovich brought him to Chelsea
2 replies
You mean to say that if Mou goes on
loan to some other club. He will
become a genius & will make his
teams play FFOOTBALL
1 reply
Lukaku is not ready to shoulder
Chelsea on his own... 15 goals in 32
matches for a team with less
pressure like Everton tell it all... We
can keep him as backup but we still
need a proven striker to give Lukaku
more time to settle in the
responsibilities of Chelsea
Lukaku in a swap deal with Diego
Cost+20. Good deal for ATL
Get rid of this boring oNe
1 reply
Get rid of yourself!
yes!.. and I am happy for Lukaku as
well.. he spent time playing a lot in
a good team and scoring his ..
luckily for him away from a bad
coach who would let him play less
minutes and successfully tear apart
every shred of confidence he has in
"Sometimes players go on loan and,
at the end of the season, we cannot
find one positive reason for that
loan.".. yes and sometimes, a coach
arrives and after one year, we cannot
find one positive reason for that
hiring... Jose, I am looking at you.
Lukaku's loan has been successful
but your second coming has been a
disaster... you had him until the last
day of pre-season but according to
you, he had no place in your grand
plan... f**king failure!!!
14 replies
u seriously think scoring 15 goals in
a team with less pressure like
Everton would translate into a team
with a lot of pressure to handle like
Chelsea??? If anythin, we should
praise Jose for letting him have
game time and develop... he is not
the only manager who lets promising
players out on loan... How I wish
Bayern would come for Lukaku and
give us Lewandowski because Lukaku
can clearly lead the lines for a top
European club... Clueless hater...
and yea, Benitez didn't set Lukaku
out on loan...
6 replies
f00l... Eto'o is 32 years, one of the
most decorated players.. how old is
Ibrahimovich?.. still performing
magic in a team where he is
trusted... Jose killing the confidence
of players capable of great things..
you want a player with a conversion
rate of 50%.. your stv.pid ass
brainwashed that you cannot see
beyond your nose... check the stats
and see how many chances your
strikers have had... how do you score
goals without attacking?... always
hoping for a slip from players?..
st.v.pid.. why don't you ask for
Messi, Aguero, Bale, Ronaldo, Suarez
and Iniesta.. they would be good
team for a failure coach to destroy...
4 replies
u don't deserve a response,, I would
gladly take all those players you
mentioned except Iniesta and give
them Lukaku....
and oh, if I had the chance, I would
swap the positions of your mouth
and your anu$ for your mouth sure
spills a lot of foulness than your anu
also some stats in League matches
for Samuel Etoo since joining Anzhi
to Chelsea
Anzhi 2011/2012 22 matches 13
Anzhi 2012/2013 25 matches 10
Chelsea 2013/2014 21 matches 9
his league scoring stats for
2013/2014 in Chelsea was better
than previous year at Anzhi
1 reply
Well done...
except for the child abuse.
The Bus can't take much pressure.
so chelsea went from being kicked
out of the CL in the group stage and
finishing in 5th place, to fighting for
the title until the very end and
getting to the semi's of the CL, and
there wasn't a good reason to hire
2 replies
Chelsea moves from several seasons
with trophies... to a trophyless
one... and the most boring type of
football to crown their failure.. so, i
see no reason!!.. a team with bright
young chaps (4 call ups in brazil)
and a crazy experienced bench...
and add to that World Class players
that were added to the squad :
Willian, Scurrle, Matic, Salah, , , , and
even then, nothing ! ! !
You are an idiot. You not even a
chelsea fan, at most a bandwagoner.
You are free to jump ship. Many
good teams has gone trophyless only
to bounce back stronger. It's a
transition period, Guess you have no
clue what that means. Bayern went
trophyless for like 2 seasons or
before winning the treble, losing in
2 finals but kept moving forward.
Idiots like you should stop following
football because you don't
understand what's it's all about.
Chelsea is not the only Team
competing for trophies. You want a
chelsea that wins everything always,
but sorry to disappoint you, it
doesn't happen so all the time. 1 CL,
1 EL, and 1 FA cup since 2012 is
good enough to end that era. Now
it's the begining of a new era, they
need time to build something that
can compete for another 10 years
winning trophies in between.
1 reply
St.v.pid idiot... did you read that i
am a Chelsea fan?.. i am not
supposed to be to comment... i am a
football fan.. the core of your team
that won all the trophies are still
around.. and your young chaps are
very brilliant.. your coach is a
failure.. well, when he successfully
wins something next season, then
come and let's talk...
Calm down... Name an EPL team
that got as far in the UCL?
Now name a team that has a better
home record?
Name a team that has a more
recognizable, or quotable coach in
the EPL?
Name a team in the EPL that has a
coach with a better career record?
The answer to all of the above also
answers your question.
Lukaku is worth a good team like
1 reply
Did you just call spurs good? You
must be so stupid.
Mourinho Should Buy Martin krtel
Or Sergio Ramos instant Of
Striker,Cause they are Good CB And
Can Score Goal and will be Perfect
For ''PARK THE BUS'' Style.
1 reply
Go away
Don't flipping sell Lukaku!
3 replies
Lukaku is not ready to shoulder
Chelsea on his own... 15 goals in 32
matches for a team with less
pressure like Everton tell it all... We
can keep him as backup but we still
need a proven striker to give Lukaku
more time to settle in the
responsibilities of Chelsea
2 replies
Yeah I'm not saying to throw Chelsea
on his shoulders I'm saying not to
sell him. And 15 goals for a guy his
age is definitely far from what I call
a bad performance. A new striker
should come but selling Lukaku
would be incredibly stup(i)d.
Lukaku doesn't like to travel by Bus,
neither does he sleep in a Parked
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