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akpors & the head boy

Akpors was caught writing onthe wall by the Head boy
Arthur, an offence punishableby 24 strokes and then
The head boy took Akpors tothe Principal where he was
having meeting with teachers.
Head boy: Excuse me Sir
Principal : Yes what is it, can't it wait
Head boy: Sir I caught Akporswriting on the wall, he
wrote "God will punish our Principal
Teachers: ehhhhh
Akpors started crying that the Head boy did not allow
him put apostrophe (')
Teachers: what has apostrophe got to go with it.
Akpors: (Still crying) Excuse me Sir what I was writing is
"God will punish our Principal's enemies.
Akpors, he changes words with few seconds, a very gud
sharp guy

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