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I Inherited my Figure 8 – Popular Nollywood Actress Reveals

Memumat Yunusa, a graduate of
Business Administration from the
University of Lagos, is a Nollywood
actress and producer. She is popularly
known as Mimiano. In this interview with
Tribune, she speaks on her career, her
most embarrassing moment and fashion
preferences. Excerpts:

Growing up
I am from Ankpa Local Government Area
of Kogi State, but I was born and
brought up in Lagos. I am from a family of
five and the last girl of my family but not
the last born.

Foray into acting
I decided to pursue a career in acting
because of the love and passion I have
for it. I came into the industry through a
friend in 2000. My friend introduced me
to Adebayo Salami, popularly known as
Oga Bello. That was how I joined Awada
Kerikeri Organisation. When I joined the
industry, there were lots of challenges
but I give glory to Almighty Allah, for
bringing me to my present position. And
I am sure He is taking me to the best
position soonest. I thank God for how
far He has brought me. An adage says

“it’s not how far but how well.” I have
featured in so many movies like: Ife-
Omo; Karounwi; Kobamajewo; Farri;
Kowope-alajo; Marmok; Aparo; Awolu
goes to school; Bebe Isila and Mimiano.
Mimiano is a blessing to me because it
was the movie that brought me to

Pains and gains of being a celebrity
There is a saying that no pain, no gain.
the pain is that I’m no longer Memunah,
the girl next door. I am now Mimiano,
the celebrity, I can’t go to the market as
frequently as I used to anymore. No
matter what the fans do, whether good
or bad, I have to keep on smiling. The
gain is that anywhere I go, I don’t need
to introduce myself. My presence is
highly recognised.

If not acting
I would have been an event planner.
Most embarrassing thing a fan did to me
I am an easy-going type, I don’t take
things like that to heart. I am of the
opinion that you can only be
embarrassed by someone who loves
So, being embarrassed by a fan is no big
deal to me. It is one of the prices to pay
for fame. An incident that came to mind
however, was the day I went to a party
with a friend and a guy walked up to me
and gave me a peck. I didn’t even know
him from Adams. I was surprised and told
him that I didn’t know him, he told me he
was one of my fans and that he really
loved all my movies. I just smiled and
thanked him for loving my movies.
Role models in the industry
Joke Silver and Bukky Wright.

Philosophy of life
Once I make up my mind that I want a
positive answer from a particular thing, I
work hard to achieve the goal.
Definition of style
I don’t have a permanent style, I come
out with different styles of my choice
that suit the present atmosphere. I
create my style myself.

Beauty regimen
My beauty regimen is simple because I
try to be as natural as possible. I do all
the beauty stuffs that all normal ladies
do, yet I love using natural ingredients
and that has been a huge payoff.

Choice of accessories
I love earrings, necklace, bangles and
sometimes, I like putting on leg chains. I
love beads accessories most.
Favourite designers
On the local scene, I love Yemi Casual,
Mudi and Sharktel Clothing. While on the
international scene, I am a fan of
Giuseppe Zanotti, Jimmy Choo, Gucci
and Michael Kors.

Fashion item I can’t do without when
going out
I can’t do without my handbag when
going out.
Most expensive item in my wardrobe
I think that should be my shoes.
Opinion on toning
Toning is not good for the skin and it is
better to be natural.

What I will like to change about myself
Nothing. I love the way I am and I give
God the glory for my life. I can never go
for cosmetic surgery.
Favourite colours
Pink and blue.

On provocative dressing
I don’t wear provocative dresses.
Moreover, I don’t believe in “if you have
it, flaunt it.” If you have it, people will
see it so there is no need to flaunt it. I
believe in prim and proper kind of
dressing but I am not the chronic old
skool type.

Special treat
I love listening to music and travelling.
My hair and nails
I make sure they are both neatly done.
Keeping fit
I don’t diet, I take my three square
meals daily but I do take a lot of water. I
don’t exercise too. I inherited this
figure. All my siblings too have figure
eight, so there is no need to do
something special about my figure.

Marital status
I am single but insha Allah, I will tie the
knot very soon. My man must be humble,
caring, God-fearing and understanding.

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