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He may be a relatively unknown illusionist, but
youcould hardly describe Dynamo as being wet
behind the ears. And the magician, whose real
name is Steve Frayne, certainly proved this was
the case as he 'walked' across the River Thames.
The nifty footwork was a suitably jaw-dropping
publicity stunt for his new TV series. The
Bradford-born illusionist, 28, made it half way
across the stretch of the river in front of the
Houses of Parliament in London before he was
picked up by what appearedto be a River Police
boat.ButMail Online understands that this was
one more thing that was not as it seemed - and
the boat crewall part of the act.
Stunned onlookers watchedfrom Westminster
Bridge as the magician recorded the stunt for his
new TV show Dynamo: Magician Impossible. A
spokesman insisted the photographs were not
faked. Frayne has so far built his name on the
celebrity circuit, astounding a host of famous
names with his tricks. Among thosewho will
testify to his skills are the likes of Jay-Z, Coldplay,
Will Smith, Busta Rhymes and Paris Hilton.
Hisprevious tricks have included making Little
Britain star Matt Lucas levitate before a live
audience at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium, and
turning signed lottery ticketsinto cash in front of
Robbie Williams and Davina McCall as part of
BBC's Sport Relieflive programme, as you can
see on the video below. Various celebrities have
taken part in his new series including
heavyweight boxing champion David Haye,
Manchester rocker IanBrown and pop star Natalie
In episode one, he performshis trademark
levitation trick and physically moves a girl's tan
line on the glamorous Miami Beach. The
magician's spectacular tricks in the coming series
include him transporting a mobile phone into a
glass beer bottle, turning snow into diamonds in
the Austrian mountains and bringing a flutter of
butterflies to life in Hollywood's famous Chateau
Marmont. Frayne's current roster of A-list
celebrity admirers is a long way from his
upbringing on the deprived Delph Hill Estate in
Bradford, where helearned magic from his
grandfather. That background provided the title
for a Channel 4 programme entitled 'Dynamo's
Estate Of Mind'.
Today he combines elements of dance and hip
hop culture into his magic routines and his skills
have seen him invited to appear on TV shows
such as Snoop Dogg's Fatherhood. He has so far
released two Dvds; Underground Magic and
Concrete Playground.

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