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My Boyfriend Tied Me To The Door And Flogged Me With A Wire.

I�m a 19 year woman that has been in a
relationship for 8 months with my boo, who
is 34 years old.

Every time my boo and I have a heated
argument, I usually slap him and then he
would apologize to me, we�ll then have make
up s*x. It�s really the best time to have s*x,
make sense things. But 2 days ago he and I
had our regular fights at his friends party
because he was trying to collect one stupid
girl�s number. So while we were arguing, I
slapped him in front of his friends and this guy
didn�t do anything till we got home.

As I�m writing to you now, I�m at a local
hospital close to my parents house because
this bastard boy tied me to his kitchen door
and flogged me with wire, because of a slap
that used to make us have the best s*x.

Anyways he has been begging since
yesterday. Should I forgive him or just forget
him. Heard once a beater always and forever a
beater. Advice me please because my parents
have never flogged me with wire before.

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Posted By kellychi On 03:36 Sun, 09 Feb 2014

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