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IF only, 13-year old Yetunde,
Racheal Samuel had known what
fate had in store for her on 5TH
October, she would have changed
her mind about staying home and
followed her family to the wedding
of the day. But life played a fast
one on her and kept her in the
dark about the evil that lurked at
the corner . She had no
premonition whatsoever, that on
that particular day, she would bid
the world goodbye in a gruesome

On that day, the serene town of
Isanlu, headquarters of Yagba �
East Local Government of Kogi
State was thrown into tumoil
following the gruesome murder of
Yetunde, whose body was
deposited inside a medium size
freezer after being strangled to
death by yet to be identified
Yetunde Rachael Samuel, a JSS 2
student of Oluyori Comprehensive
College, Isanlu was killed in the
night of October 5th and neatly
deposited inside a medium size
freezer to create impression that
she fell into the freezer and was
subsequently jamlocked and
frozen to death without any body
knowing; which shows that her
death was pre-planned and carried
out with an ulterior motive.
What has remained a mystery is
who actually murdered her and for
what. Aside that, the question on
the lips of people is why was she
the only one left in the house that
particular day and why she was
hurriedly buried in the cover of the
night? Why did the parents or the
guardians fail to report her
mysterious death to the police
before she was committed to
mother earth? Only the police or
perhaps, the late Yetunde herself
could actually reveal who killed her
and how she died.
The perpetrators of the henious
crime would have gotten away
with it if the police had not gotten
wind of it. Maybe Yetunde�s blood
is seeking for justice as no one
knows how the Police heard about
The state commissioner of Police,
Alh Mohammed Musa Katsina who
got wind of the dastardly act,
suspected foul play, arrested the
guardians of the girl and ordered
that the corpse be exhumed for a
thorough autopsy to confirm
whether the girl actually jumped
inside the freezer and got frozen or
she was killed.
It was a hectic time for our
correspondent and detectives led
by the deputy commissioner of
police, Alh Zannah Mohammed who
travelled to the community with a
pathologist from Federal Medical
Centre to exhume the decompsing
corpse for autopsy.
The guardian of the girl who is at
the centre of the mysterious death,
Mrs Deborah Motunrayo Jaiyeoba
claimed that she left the girl who
was the daughter of her younger
sister at home that Saturday
morning for a marriage ceremony
along with all her children.
According to her, when she got
back from the wedding ceremony
and did not see Yetunde, she
thought she had gone to play. She
said she was thirsty and raced to
the deep freezer to get a satchet
of water to quench her thirst when
she suddenly discovered that
Yetunde was stone dead in the
freezer and she immediately
raised alarm.
Mrs jaiyeoba, a sanitary inspector
at the local government claimed
Yetunde wanted to clean the deep
freezer in her small retail shop
when she fell into the deep freezer
and must have frozen to death.
Saturday Vanguard also gathered
that the father of the desceased
was said to have felt indiferrent
about the death of her daughter as
he hurriedly consented that she
should be buried immediately.
Saturday Vanguard�s investigation
revealed that Yetunde�s mother
was impregnated at the age of 17
while she was still in secondary
school; and after delivery , decided
to drop Yetunde at the age of two
with her sister and headed to Ilorin
for greener pasture where she
later got married. However, the
autopsy carried out revealed that
the late girl was actually killed;
maybe, for rituals.
Preliminary doctor�s report
confirmed that the girl died as
result of neorogenic shock
secondary to multiple skeletal
injuries most likely sustained from
blunt force trauma .
The doctor�s report also said two of
the girl�s teeth were removed with
some vital parts while the entire
head region was battered with
blunt instrument.
Speaking with Saturday Vanguard,
the State Commissioner of Police,
Muhammed Kastina said the whole
episode was a case of culpable
homicide. He said the innocent girl
was brutally murdered but
expressed shock that the biological
father of the girl did not show
concern but instead, he brought a
letter to his office along with
somebody who claimed to be a
judicial officer that the case be
The CP said when he interrogated
the father, he could not even read
nor comprehend the contents of
the letter which gave suspicion that
some people were behind the
murder. He therefore called on
members of the public to be more
vigilant with their children and to
know who they give their children
to for upkeeping but vowed to
pursue the case to a logical
conclusion .
If truly Yetunde�s guardian was
behind the gruesome murder, why
and what could be the reason
behind it after sucessefully
nuturing her for the past 13 years?
What does she stand to gain? All
these questions seem
unanswarable as the peoples wait
patiently for the police to unravel
the case and make their
submission known on time.
Those arrested along with the 43
year- old Mrs Jaiyeoba Deborah
who was the guardian are three of
her children namely: Jaiyeoba
Titilayo, 20 years old; Tunmininu
Jaiyeoba 23 years old and
Jaiyeoba Femi 18 years old. Others
are Shade Jimoh, Chief J I Owolabi,
Raphael Owolabi, Raphael Abiodun
and Tolulope Sunday.

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