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Litany of Akpors

-Teacher: Why do we drink water?.. Akpors: Because we cannot eat water. -
Akpors puts his radio inside the freezer so he can listen to COOL FM!!!
Teacher; akpors wat Is the name for baby lizard;
Apkors; lizzy baby.
-Teacher: Akpors how was ur night? Akpors: I don't know ma, I was sleeping -
Boss: I'll pay u N30,000/month& in 3mnths, I'll raise
it 2 N60,000. Wen wuld u lyk 2 start? Akpors : In
-Police; where do U live?
Akpors: with my parents.
Police: where do Ur parents live? Akpors: wit me.
Police: so where you all live? Akpors: together - Akpors Trying to commit suicide..
Eazy: y do u have d rope on ur waist
Akpors: ahhh, d last tym i tried it on my neck, i
couldn't breath.
- Teacher: In which battle did Napoleon die?.. Akpors:
his last battle - Akpors didn't graduate from Secondary School, he
repeated several times until he became a Non
Teaching Staff
- Teacher: The process of developing from a child to an Adult is called ?

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