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How to hijack domain name

To hijack a domain name, it is necessary to gain access to the domain control panel of the
target domain. For this you need the following ingredients

1. The domain registrar name for the target domain.

2. The administrative email address associated with the target domain.

These information can be
obtained by accessing the
WHOIS data of the target
domain. To get access the
WHOIS data, goto whois.domaintools.com, enter the target domain name and click on Lookup (you need to register to view administrative contact information).

Once the whois data is loaded, scroll down and you will see Whois Record. Under this you will get the Administrative contact
email address.

To get the domain registrated name, look for something like this under the Whois Record.

Registration Service Provided By: XYZ Company. Here XYZ
Company is the domain
registrar. In case if you do not find this, then scroll up and you will see ICANN Registrar under the Registry Data. In this case,
the ICANN registrar is the actual domain registrar.

The administrative email
address associated with the domain is the backdoor to hijack the domain name. It is the key to unlock the domain
control panel. So to take full control of the domain, the hacker will hack the
administrative email associated with it.

Once the hacker take full control of this email account, he will visit the domain registrars website and click on forgot password in the login page.

There he will be asked to enter either the domain name or the administrative email address to initiate the password reset process. Once this is done all the details to reset the password will be sent to the administrative email address.

Since the hacker has the access to this email account he can easily reset the password of
domain control panel.

After resetting the password, he logs into the control panel with the
new password and from there he can hijack the domain within minutes.

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