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2ru lyf story

Ok I'm just scared and need
help... This happened
yesterday, we were at his
house. My boyfriend Alex isn't
a virgin and ever since we
started dating 9 months ago he's been telling me hewants
to have sex. I always tell him
I'm not ready and usually he
just says ok. But not
We were in his room watcing tv and just talking...when
randomly he says we should
have sex ... I said no and he
looked at.me for a second then
hit me. Which totally scared
me. I got off the bed and started walking towards the
door to leave. But before i
could open it he shut it back.
Then he said"you dont love
me baby?".. and I told him I
did hoping he would let me go. Insteadhe pushed me onto his
bed and said I'm gonna have
to show him how much I love
him. He started pulling down
my shorts, i was fighting to
get him off me the whole time..but he wouldn't budge.
He put"it"in and stared going
back and forth really fast. It
hurt so bad. I kept telling him
to stop but he wouldn't. After
he was done...he told me he loved me and that it
wasamazing. I went to the
bathroom downstairs closed
the door and started crying.
When i was coming out the
bathroom he was standing there and told me if i ever told
anyone he'd doit again... Im
not trolling i just really need
advice and also I'm 16 he's 17...
I don't want to get him in
trouble but also I don't want this to happen again

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Posted By Cybergold1 On 06:35 Sun, 14 Jul 2013

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