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Wednesday 26th June

Paper II: Drama & Poetry - Literature-in-English 2.00 pm - 3.40 pm

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(1) -clash of tradition
europeanisation :some of
the africa who have
studied in europe
believe that africans ways of live known as
culture,should be
discarded,becau se they
are outdated and
barbaric while some of
them think otherwise.examp le is mrs
brofusem and members
of the cosmopolitan club
who although did not go
to england but have
attended christian schools and regard
african ways as barbaric
and should be discarded
people no longer speak
their languages,but go
for foreign language,if care is not taken the
language will disappear
and their children will no
longer speak them -the
book is a satire on the
african society during the colonial period,when
all educated africans
wanted to live,dress and
behave like eauropeans
but were disgraced and
they realised who they were no matter their
crises:the educated
africans are locked up
between the so-called
european civilization and
africa civilization,no t knwing ways to follow
but at the end they
were ridiculed.

the most prevalent
reasons characxters in the
theme of deciet is to get
out of social or familiar
duties to do something more enjoyable.
not surprisingly, we see
how hard it is for
characters to set things
straight once they've lied
about them. as the situation gets
increasingly complicated,
characters must weave
more complex lies to get
out of the tangles of their
previous lies.

The negro speaks of river
Is describes as pan-
negritude peom the
negrous are the blacks.
The speaker ib the poem clains that he
have ;bathed; in the
euphrates when drawns
were young; thusthe voice
begins at the origin
ofcivilization his clains meany only that both the
black the white or even
the yellow races have all
shared common
experiences and so should
be unite,instead of building unnecessary walls of

Erelu the queen of owu in
company of the noble
women of owu lament and
bewail the destruction of
owu. Erelu is a dominant figure in the play. After
she slughter of the males
and royal family of owu.
She remains the only
visible custodian left. Erelu
is the headof those noble women who lacks the
stamina to withstand the
shock but she endures it.
She is tough and
intellegent. She is also
emotional. She hateshow she been reduced from
grass to grace. In deep
emotion, She cures the
allied forces and predicts
that they will not return
home peacefully.Erel u likes to shit blames. instead
blaming herself for nursing
her child Dejumo to
manhood or maturity, She
rather blame the woman
they captured


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