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Jokes For The Day

OCHUKO: Why Pastors no dey put offering sef? ...AKPOS: They are Staffs.

OCHUKO: You ve been holdin a Calculator since morning, Why?.. AKPOS: My pastor told me to work out my differences with my wife.

AKPOS: I'm so homesick.. EKAETTE: But this is your home!.. AKPOS: I know and I'm sick of it.

TEACHER: Who is a Pharmacist?.. AKPOS: Anybody that Assists you in the Farm.

DOCTOR: You are seriously ill, how much Alcohol do you take?.. AKPOS: Not much sir, I only drink alcohol on days that end in Y.

TEACHER: What is the difference between a Woman and a Magnet?.. AKPOS: Magnets have a Positive side.

LASTMA: For Parking here, you are getting a PARKING FINE of N10,000.. AKPOS: I always PARK FINE sir, thank you for the Reward.

TEACHER: What do u call a person who cannot hear ANYTHING?.. AKPOS: U can call him ANYTHING, because he cannot hear ANYTHING.

OCHUKO: Is it true that Nigerians answer questions with questions?.. AKPOS: Who told you that ?

PASTOR: Why do u sit in a corner when the other church workers are busy.. AKPOS: I'm busy too Sir, I'm working in the Spirit.

OCHUKO: What does 'Pakurumo' mean?.. AKPOS: Anybody that PACKS RUMOURS and spread it.

EKAETTE: I want to make you the Happiest Man in the World Tonite.. AKPOS: Thank you, I'll miss you.

*In a Kenyan School*.. TEACHER: Name 3 things in our Surroundings.. AKPOS: Lion, Mud House & Antelope.

AKPOS: I'm late cos my dad was looking for his Money.. TEACHER: Did u help him look for It?.. AKPOS: I dey crase? I was standing on it till he went out.

TEACHER: Mention one expensive Drug.. AKPOS: Samsung galaxy Tablets.

She is coming, isn't she?.. They ve eaten, haven't they?.. TEACHER: Give me another example?.. AKPOS: Na Yam we go chop today, chopn't we?

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