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Have you ever asked yourself why husbands are sleeping with
maids ? Findings, revealed that maids are doing wives' duties.

Most wives are now full time Facebook workers, BBusers, WhatsApp.. etc chatting 24/7 at the expense of their homes. Even when their husbands return from work, they will never welcome them with love. Husbands that do not want argument will go straight to the kitchen to get pure water to cool down. Unfortunately maids whose 'oranges' are intact not floppy like wives will welcome the man sweetly.

At weekends, they do not stay home to cook special meals. The wife leave the maids to do the task. where are you wife? Partying.
Women, don't you know these maids have needs as well, & they have automatic promotion if your husbands shouldhave sex with them. My dear married women with adulthood maids, stop allowing your maids to perform your duties. Do not start crying when it happens because you pushed him to do what he never wanted to do. Though you may be busy, but if the Maid cooks food, be the one to serve that food to your husband, welcome him always when he comes home from work, be the one to give him water to take a shower, & never let your House Maid enter your Bed room to clean there no matter what the situation is.

Keep your marriage, have pride, & be a woman. Maids are just for single parent(Father) to take care of the kids when he is at work or not at home, & lazy wife.

A real hard working woman does not depend on a Maid, she needs a Home.

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Posted By oliviaeby On 09:42 Sun, 16 Jun 2013

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