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8 Lesbian Girls Expelled From Secondary School...

Barely a week after the the local newspaper
covered a story about the rising number of
lesbians in Girls High Schools all over the
country, the administration has now sent
home eight girls over the matter.

The school’s principal, Pacifica Nyambong’i
said that a group of eight students in Form
Two, who were also jointly being
investigated for arson claims, had been
sent home and others readmitted after
undergoing counseling and promising to
change. The principal admitted that some
Form Two students confessed to being
lesbians who had lovers in the school while
other girls denied the allegations.

“I received a note listing some girls as
suspected lesbians who also planned to
burn down the school on December 10th,

we embarked on investigations to unearth
the truth,” Ms Nyambog’i revealed. Those
who confessed to being lesbians were
forgiven, counseled and readmitted but
those who denied were sent home.

The parents of those sent home have
however mounted a strong defence to the
allegations claiming that their girls were
beaten during the interrogations in order to
admit by force.

Also, Anglican run St James Girls High
School in Zimbabwe has been hit by a
lesbian s*x scandal which has resulted in
the expulsion of pupils, one of them for
offering a teacher s*x in exchange for
lenience after being caught in the act.

The scandal reportedly started in June
when two Form Six pupils were caught by
fellow pupils in the middle of the night
having a nice time under the sheets,

BMetro reported. A report was made to
school authorities.
After a probe, the two girls (names
withheld) were suspended for two weeks.
According to a source, the pupils showed
remorse during the disciplinary hearing
and promised to give up the lesbian antics.

On returning to school after serving the
sentence, the two are said to have kept a
distance from each other.

“Everyone was convinced that they had
indeed stopped their behaviour. They even
stopped talking to each other and we all
thought that the relationship was over.

Little did we know that we were being
fooled,” said a source. (lol)

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